Rotten Tomatoes and Docs?

As the debate has almost ended, and physician review is now here to stay, what could a physician actually do to survive and help the patient? Nay, prescribing adderall is the obviously not the right way. You can sue the bad reviewers but it is not going to end up any better than a social media disaster on danazol.

We should try to be kind to our patients and take time to understand them, but we must resist these misguided pressures and do the right thing – William Sonnenberg

As ideal these may sound, I doubt this will end bad reviews. Kevin Pho points out some techniques to create a positive vibe and compensate for the bad reviews by asking more of your patients to leave a review. Most patients tend to say nice things. To add to it, have a computer right outside your office that can be accessed by your patients to leave reviews. Additionally, as his blog rightly points out, having a good social media presence can put you in control of the information that is available. Read up on some SEO techniques to make Google work for you.



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