The Molecular Biologists Toolbox

>The omni-requirement…Basic Local Alignment Search Tool

Vector database
The Bible of Protocols
Online courses and lectures:
Some good discussion boards:
Tools to find ORF:
Definition:an open reading frame (ORF) is a portion of an organism’s genome which contains a sequence of bases that could potentially encode a protein. It is defined by a stop codon. An ORF goes from a stop codon to a stop codon.
Stop codons: TAA, TAG, TGA. It is different from a protein coding gene because a PCG is contained within an ORF and it is defined by a start codon and a stop codon.
Sequerome links blast results to ORF finder and gives a neat result.
NCBI ‘s ORF finder:
Other ORF finders:
Desktop application to find ORF:
Human ORF finder:

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