Cool websites!
This site finds which celebrity you resemble the most and even which parent the child resembles best!
For the calorie-conscious!
A compilation of the most bizarre videos and other stuff! Check it completely.
For all the needs of your funny bone, here comes the feast from the JibJab brothers.
Search and download unlike rapidshare.
The official site of the studio that created Wallace, the hapless yet well-meaning, cheese-loving inventor, and Gromit, his faithful canine companion, is a treasure trove of video clips (click on Show Reel) and links to character sites including
THE site for bookworms.

New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery
Lose yourself in this vast collection of rare prints, vintage maps, manuscripts, posters, photographs, sheet-music covers, dust jackets, menus, cigarette cards and other artifacts. There are more than 300,000 digital images of original materials available for viewing. Access is free, and you can download images to your computer for personal or research use.

The Museum of Online Museums
Dozens of free Web-based games, gorgeously designed and relatively simple to play, which is perfect for non-gamers looking for an engaging way to waste time.
This site has amused and delighted fans for years, but has hit new levels of inspiration with funny bits like the recent Baseball Knowledge Will Not Help You Pick Up Girls. There’s an archive full of Lists (Embarrassing Things That Might Happen to You While Using a Lightsaber)
The site began four years ago with “How To Dance Properly,” a series of short looped video clips that web designer Frank posted online to amuse friends.

Picture of the day,29409,1675565,00.html
This public showroom for personal pics just might be the fastest-growing social network on the Web, and it’s completely addictive.
Impressively-designed ‘zine featuring high-quality, full-screen photos of beautiful models in designer clothes.
Take this quiz to find out how long you will live. You’ll also get a full dose of health and nutrition advice based on your answers to the questions.

Virtual world where u can earn real money…….amazin example of Web 2.0
The brainchild of a group of students and teachers from MIT, I-Neighbors offers a free and easy way for residents of a given community to exchange information (and maybe even bond). Search by zip code to see if anybody’s already created a home page for your neighborhood; if not, you can create your own. It takes just a few minutes to register, and your profile can be as vague or specific as you like. Provide an email address to be included in the directory and to receive group emails. You can add events to the calendar, recommend cleaning ladies and handymen, upload photos, even contact elected officials (see GovLink). Of course, whether a neighborhood thrives or dies depends on the participation of its members. Is yours a ghost town?
When you want basic information about someone or something, try plugging your query into’s general search field, or browse the ever-expanding Directory of reference material.

Great Search Engine
Google, Yahoo and MSN dominate search, but we’re always on the lookout for an innovative approach. This metasearch engine from Vivisimo clusters results by sub-category to help you zero in on what you need—an approach AOL will take on the new, launching in July (see sidebar). For more cool new search tech, try Grokker, where Yahoo Search query results are displayed as a circular map.

Indian Search Engine

Shopping for Indians……great deals

Great Books

Gr8 Sites for Cool Info………hell of a website…check it out!

Nutrition and Dieting


Check out this spoof on wikipedia

Best Search Engine Ever……combines Yahoo, MSN and Google!

Best web dictionary

History footnotes

Nice one this

Search from networking websites like orkut!

Get direct invites to beta websites

Video sites

Science videos

Other videos


Behind the cameras……amazin

Paranormal and the skeptic

Search for Extra-Terrestrial at Home on ur PC

Check the youtube of mp3

The greatest freeware site

Great wallpapers

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